• Our Mission

    “Healthy World is Prospering World.”

    Our Mission is to educate the health professionals with highest level of upgraded course curriculums in respective fields. Skill based Training is our main motive in era of integrative medicine. We see a vision of developing integrated medicine structure where any health practitioner can learn and upgrade his skills to cover entire health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) of his patients/client.

  • The Founder

    Dr. Ruchit Sanghvi

    The Founder of Academy of Integrative Medicine is a Holistic Medicine Practitioner, certified in Physical therapy with expertise in Neurology. He owns Doctor of Medicine degree in Acupuncture. He is also certified in 9 other medical and para medical healing sciences.

    More about him can be learnt at:

  • Accreditation

    We are Accredited and affiliated by

    Global Association of Integral Medicine.