Post Graduate Certificate in Integrated Aesthetic Medicine


Course Duration: 6 Days (Starting from 5th February to 10th February 2018)

Total Seats: 10 (on first come first bases)

Eligibility: Any Medical Stream Practitioner

Mode of Learning: Theory and Practical

Course curriculum covers detailed study of following subjects in context of various areas of skin Aesthetic Medicine

Theories and Practicals


Theory in Aesthetic Medicine

Day - 1 : 

  • Basics of Dermatology – anatomy and physiology of skin
  • Ageing of Skin - Degenerative changes
  • Pathology – various skin pathology.




Day - 2 : 

  • Cosmetic Acupuncture – Acupuncture for skin diseases and skin anti aging.


Day - 3 :

  • Phytotherapy - study of various phyto nutrients for skin, i.e. Herbs and Nutrients.


Day - 4 :

  • Essential Oil Therapy - training in how to use various essential oils for Cosmetics and Skin Pathologies.


Day - 5 : 

  • Massage Therapy – various methods of influencing skin health and medicine permeability.
  • Cryotherapy – Methods of improving skin health with various cold agent applications.



Day - 6 : 

  • PRP and PPP Injection - A revolutionary Injection therapy to combat ageing of skin of face and body as well as other aesthetic problems.





1. Certificate of Completion for the course from ACADEMY OF INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE


2. Lifetime Membership Certificate of GLOBAL ASSOCIATION OF INTEGRAL MEDICINE



Course Fees: 15000 + 5000 + 5000 (PPO*) = 25,000 INR

*PPO: 1+1+1 Part Payment Option


Note: you can always apply for the course before 15 days at least from the date of starting the course, in that case PPO will not be applicable as it is mentioned in table bellow. You can still ask for part payment of your fees which will be tailored for you by the authorities of the Academy. (for availability of seats, feel free to whatsapp us on: +91-7202035559)  


Registration Fees

15000 INR

Before 1st December 2017

Part-1 Fees

5000 INR

Before 1st January 2018

Part-2 Fees

5000 INR

Before 1st February 2018

Total Fees

               25,000 INR