Post Graduate Doctorate in Integrative Medicine


Course Duration:1 Year (Starting from 1st January to 31st December)

Total Seats: 10 (on first come first bases)


Eligibility: Any Medical Stream Practitioner


Mode of Learning:Theory (Distance) and Practical (16 Days)

Theory coaching is supported by Email based literature and online study with Guide of the course.

Practical Coaching is going to be conducted in 4 parts as follow

Part-1 will be held on dates 24th to 26th march 2017 at Academy

Part-2 will be held on dates 22nd to 25th June 2017 at Academy

Part-3 will be held on dates 21st to 24th September 2017 at Academy

Part-4 will be Held on dates 21st to 24th December 2017 at Academy


Course curriculum covers detailed study of following subjects in context of various diseases of body, mind and spirit:


Part – 1:

  • Clinical Aroma therapy – anatomy, physiology and application of various Aroma to treat.
  • Clinical Essential oil therapy – Includes Pharmacology of EOs, Making of your own medicine.


 Part – 2:

  • Yog Medicine – Comprises of Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga to aid healing in various medical   conditions.


 Part – 3:



 AcupressureBody Acupressure, Ear Acupressure, Scalp Acupressure



 Part – 4:

  • Phytotherapy – Herbal medicine pharmacology, Diagnosis and Treatment planning based on Ayurveda Fundamentals, Preparation of Herbal Medicines, Pulse Diagnosis


Award: Certificate of Completion, Transcript (120 practical hours + 200 Hrs Theory)


Course Fees: 13000 + 8000* (PPO*)

*PPO: 1+4 Part Payment Option


Note: you can always apply for the course before 15 days at least from the date of starting the course, in that case PPO will not be applicable as it is mentioned in table bellow. You can still ask for part payment of your fees which will be tailored for you by the authorities of the Academy. (for availability of seats, feel free to whatsapp us on: +91-7878735559)  


Registration Fees

13000 INR

Before 1st December 2016

Part-1 Fees

8000 INR

Before 1st March 2017

Part-2 Fees

8000 INR

Before 1st June 2017

Part-3 Fees

8000 INR

Before 1st September 2017

Part-4 Fees

8000 INR

Before 1st December 2017

Total Fees

45,000 INR

Full Fees For Year